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Our Guy had to work, so it was Fangrrlz of All Ages watching this ep, once again: me, the Future of Fandom, and the Distant Future of Fandom.

1. I haven't seen anyone point out that there is a fairly large break with DCU canon in this ep. There is no doubt in my mind that Martha's off-the-cuff guess at the effects of Red K is planned to be SV canon. In SV, Red K affects *only* Clark's mind & emotions as Green K affects his body. We should not expect Red K to have those entertaining chaotic effects: blue skin, ass's head, etc.. And the effects will not last for the 24-48 hours predicted by comix canon, they will be cumulative. The only unclear point is whether each piece of SV RedK has a different effect on Clark. I really hope they keep the random aspect of RedK, because then TW will get a chance to explore lots of different Clarks: Weepy!Clark, LaughoftheParty!Clark, ReallyAlienated!Clark, and of course CrossDressing!Clark.

I believe that TPTB have reconfigured RedK this way because, basically, they can't recreate the effects of DCU RedK without using special effects that are bound to be cheesy & unconvincing.

2. I gather that when most people first saw Jessie walking with Lana, you said "Oh look, it must be the Slut o' the Week!" (and you were right, of course). We said, "Hey, a character dressed like an actual high-school student!" Face it, none of the regulars dress like actual teenagers -- their clothes are *way* too clean & neat, and that's the first time we've seen someone wearing one of those omnipresent chokers. FoF thinks Jessie would have blue or black lipstick, too.

You know what *I* want to see? Clark or Pete with a necklace or earring, or one of the regulars dyeing their hair.

More clothing points: FoF made two predictions that did not come true. (a) that the disks would turn out to be part of Jessie's belt (though FoF tells me that the belt is considered fashionable these days. Ugly the first time, sez I.), and (b) that Clark would be "cured" when he took off his ring to give it to one of the girls. I am torn between thinking these ideas would have been too cheesy to work, and that they would have been cheesy in just the SV way.

In that first scene with Clark talking back to the new principal, FoF was fully expecting Clark to be towed off for detention or some such. Can anyone think of a reason he *wouldn't* be? Spackle time!

3. And speaking of spackle, I believe TPTB have totally dropped the ball on the LexCorp/LuthorCorp dynamics. Are the two companies now being run *out of the same building*?!? I have this awful, sinking feeling that (per the WB press release Kryptonsite posted Oct 17) all Lex's business shenanigans are going to be covered in webcanon only, not onscreen at all.

I hope they can keep Lionel alive beyond the first ep of Season 3, but I don't see how they can with the way things are going, he already knows too much. It occurred to me that the Lex/Lionel convo in "Duplicity" mentioned two legendary figures, Oedipus and Arthur. Both of their stories involve a son killing a father, and both involve incest. I'm just sayin'.

4. I want to see some stories showing what happened after Clark & Jessie left the bar on "the best night of my life." Now I know TPTB don't want us to think that Clark is no longer a virgin, because that normally involves a Very Special Episode. But . . . what the heck went on?

I don't know if this can be related, but was I the only one to find the scene where the Bad Marshall interviews Kyle in the bathtub *extremely* strange? As in, *extremely* slashy, or at least sexually weird? And maybe it's just all the Sorority Boys caps floating around, but I wonder if you could spackle Clark's Night Out by postulating that Jessie is really Cross-Dressing!Jesse. Something about the choker, and her height, got me wondering . . .

5. I know lots of people had their brains short out from The Pretty (and as FoF says, "I can respect that"), but I didn't care for the way TW acted (or was directed to act) when he was SpecialK. I no longer had any sense that he was 15-16, except maybe when he bought all the useless expensive toys. He had too much of the kind of self-confidence that comes with mileage, not the overconfidence of a boy with basically no experience. Same problem with the kisses, in all the eps really: we've never seen Clark kiss like an inexperienced virgin, we only get them described in stories.

When Clark & his folks were having their talk around the table at the end, and he said, "I feel like I have two identities," I heard it as Supes foreshadowing. FoF laughed, though, and said, "You're a teenager! We *all* have split personalities!" Although we adults see Clark as having extraordinary problems, from her teenage POV Clark is not that different from his peers. What she sees as the real difference is that Clark is not trying to integrate his roles and his parents are not helping him, either. What I see as an adult is how strongly Clark's dual identity maps to closeted sexuality. In fact, I can't think of any situation in our society that it's *more* like.

In her judgmental teenage way, FoF now likes Pete better than Clark. She thinks he's a better friend, for one. And he's more like a recognizable teenage boy, albeit at the nice end of the range. I wonder if Chloe and Lana could start to feel the same way.

6. TPTB have *got* to be playing both to the Fanboy Demographic and to us. Running away to the Metropolis penthouse together just doesn't happen by accident. It's enough to make me think they had a pool: "How much porn can we get them to write in one week?" Answer: heaps. I don't know where the teenies are posting their smut, but I have noticed no particular dump of Clana or Chlark on fanfiction.net in response to the ep.


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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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