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Smallville: Random "Drone" Musings

We actually watched this in a marathon with "Reaper", during a thunderstorm. And if we get another tonight, I'll be begging for another tape. Only girls were present: me, the Future of Fandom, and the Distant Future of Fandom.

1. Thamiris gets some sort of prize. Back in early April she wrote an essay on her LJ, posted on ClarkLex as well and now up at Existential Heroes: "Godfathers and the Art of War: Rethinking Lex Luthor." By gum, she was right: TPTB *are* consciously reworking (or at least using) "The Godfather". Of course, her analysis is more thorough and makes more sense than the semi-random references to "The Godfather" in this ep, but that comes of her being smarter and more thoughtful than TPTB, only to be expected.

2. "'Drone'?" says FoF. "But those are the boy bees. Maybe they mean the sound of political speeches." Indeed. As others have pointed out, only in TVland do high schoolers care about student government.

3. Why does Clark run? Is it because Pete -- future presidential chief of staff, I agree, not Vice President -- is behind it? Is it because Lana bats her eyes at him? Or is it because Lex is supportive?

4. I'm not sure if it was in this ep or "Reaper" that I noticed new art on the walls of the Castle. No more Battle of Hastings, now there's a modern abstract in primary colors. Out with the old, in with the new.

5. Clark & Lex handing "Man of Tomorrow" back and forth makes me all mooshy. It reinforces my hope that "Superman" will be their joint creation. The Talon scene with the two of them is so blazing with affection and happiness I get even more mooshy.

6. The Mystery of Lana's Noodlehood continues. In this ep we see Chloe showing serious backbone, while Lana's "Journey to the Dark Side" is . . . unimpressive. Why the blue blazes would Clark prefer Lana? Well, she's safely unattainable, of course . . . FoF opines that when with Lana, Clark does act like a teenage boy with a crush: "Their brains & personality get all flacid." I choke and gasp. "Mom! That's it, I'm restricting your Internet access!" Being with Lex increases Clark's self-confidence and sparkle, so paradoxically it makes him seem less like he has a crush, to her eyes.

7. They're doing a remarkably poor job of showing heterosexual passion on this series. When Reporter Girl is giving Lex a massage, FoF points out that she doesn't seem to be having nearly enough fun for someone who has Lex more than half naked before her.

8. FoF observes that everyone making TV is under the impression that propane combusts spontaneously. If Sasha doesn't die from smoke and flame inhalation, looks like we have yet another KmotW who's gonna suspect Clark of having some pretty special abilities. Like asbestos clothes. I assume TPTB think we're idiots.

9. FoF wonders what will happen when Lana wanders over to Clark's telescope and sees where it's pointing. I'm guessing she already knows and doesn't mind because it solidifies his status as her backup boyfriend.

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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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updated November 10, 2002

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