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Smallville: Random "Hug" Musings

1. Lex now potentially has *two* cars Clark has ripped open to save someone. Admittedly, this one's in pretty bad shape, but that's what forensics is for. Do you think he's going for the full set?

2. Mindwhammied Lex -- what the Future of Fandom calls "RoboLex" -- is not as interesting as Eeevil!Lex will be, because he doesn't have the imagination. Or the leather pants.

3. Will Lex realize -- e.g. when the cops talk to him about his toasted car -- that he was carrying an Uzi during his Mindwhammy?

4. Chloe must have told Lana about the kiss. Why? What are the chances that it won't be all over the school by Monday? I definitely agree with whoever theorized that Lana's visit to make up with Clark is because the Clark/Chloe kiss threatens Lana's ability to keep Clark as her spare, backup bf.

5. I think Clark's natural flavor must be mint. I think he's that New Minty Green you've heard about, while Lex of course is Whiter Shade of Pale.

6. Is that supposed to be Lex's bedroom? Or just one of his 50 guest rooms?

7. At what point did Lex start think of Smallville as his "home"? It makes me feel all cuddly to think how much closer & more relaxed with each other CLex are since "Rogue".

8. Reading Omar's recaps, I just realized something even our smut-minded Boss missed. Lex tells Clark to change his shirt before he goes home -- almost as though Clark has changed clothes at Lex's before. hmmmm . . .

9. We watched this ep en famille, and we all cheered when it was time for Clark to go faster than a speeding bullet. Call us Cheese-Lovers of America -- but it's got to be *appropriate* cheese.

10. More non-cheesy foreshadowing: Kyle's trailer reminded us of Supes' future Fortress of Solitude.

11. When Lex told Rickman, "That's not it, I just don't like you." we had to stop the tape so the Future of Fandom could bow down before him. She says, "I'm not always nice, so I like a character who's not always nice, either."

Damn, there was something else, but it's drifted away with my last neuron . . .

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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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updated November 8, 2002

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