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Smallville: Random "Leech" Musings

We watched en famille again. Always good for a laugh, also a lot of fighting over the remote control. Togetherness, they call it.

1. Future of Fandom's gut reaction to the way Clark was treating Lex: "Now that Clark's normal, his hormones are acting up and he has PMS. He sounds *just* like a girl with PMS."

2. Don't buy the PMS!Clark theory? How's this: now that Clark doesn't think of himself as a freak any more, Lex's "I don't want anything to stand in the way of our friendship" *meaningful glance* is just too, well, queer for Clark. If Clark is a truly normal 16-year-old, that means Lex is a kinda weird older guy trying to be his sugar daddy, so Clark pushes him away. Not that Clark is necessarily thinking of himself as 100% straight -- see #4 below.

3. And Lex's heart gets frozen some more. waaaaaaiiill *sniff sniff* He even said he was *sorry*, and Luthors don't do that.

4. OK, I'm convinced. Whitney likes Clark.

5. ewwww. People trying to write NotReallyABadGuy!Lionel stories are going to find me an even harder sell than I used to be. Now I'm really wondering what Lionel's father was like -- how many generations back do we have to go to get to the Feast of Atreus?

6. Lana is really determined to keep Clark on tap as her backup quarterback, isn't she? grrrrrrrr

7. I will be fascinated to see the first CLex interaction in "Kinetic". Right now the boyz are at least as far apart as they were in their last scene in "Rogue", but when they next appeared they were tossing tulips & subtext at each other. Will we actually see them repair the relationship onscreen, or will the scriptwriters thoughtfully leave that to the fans?

Having just re-watched the CLex hospital scene to see if I agree with Deborah (who thought the scene showed Clark & Lex reconciling), I noticed:

a) when Lex shows up, Martha comes damn close to saying "You boys will want to be alone" as she skeedaddles. I do believe that woman is capable of adding 2 and 2.

b) when Clark says, "Temporary?" and gives Lex that come-extremely- hither look, Lex is almost blushing. I wonder if this is a running joke between them.

I think the scene could either be read as a reconciliation, or not.


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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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updated November 8, 2002

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