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Smallville: Random "Obscura" Musings

We're on a roll! All present & accounted for at the ep's long-postponed screening (original taping failed due to forces of nature cutting the power, thank you Nic for the tape).

1. I see . . . dead people. No, that's Lana. Lana/Chloe. *Lots* of Lana/Chloe. Go to it, girls.

2. Plot? What plot? I wouldn't mind if there were plenty of raw, monkey sex, but *nooooooo*. The alleged "A" or "Chloe in Jep" plot was creepy, but uber-lame. When the 6-year-old can predict you're headed for the Carnival Fun House, you need better writers.

3. I think I just renewed my membership in the Mad Scientist Club. See, everything Lex says in the CLex loft scene seems perfectly reasonable to me. When creepy things you don't understand happen, you don't just ignore them hoping to put the past behind you, you try to find out about them before the past comes back to bite you in the butt courtesy of the Jor-El Earth Liberation and Repaving Committee. Knowledge is Power, Silence=Death, sort of thing. I do find it fascinating that this scene doesn't wind up or end, it just stops. My Guy suggests that Clark suddenly remembered it was time to milk the tractor.

4. Clark's telescope is now pointing at actual sky, not Lana's house. Is this because it's too embarrassing if she notices when she drops by? Or to show that he's trying to move on from the door that's closed (and if you ask me Martha never cared for Lana all that much) to the one Lex and/or Chloe is walking through?

5. Bo clearly believes in hiding your head in the sand and then snarling incredibly suspiciously at very bright people who might be poking around in the area. And not taking their money so when you and your alien son flee the country you have to do it on the cheap. Martha should definitely 'explain' things to him with her frying pan.

6. When we pan over Clark's pod at the end, My Guy comments that it looks an awful like Uncle Martin's ship from "My Favorite Martian." Extremely Scary Crossover Idea of the week.

7. Another "Obscura" insight -- Fandom Unites American Family!

The four of us were passing time in the car talking about "Obscura," and someone commented that it's damn convenient that when Lana becomes psychically linked to someone that someone turns out by pure coincidence to be plotting a heinous crime against a person she knows.

Flash of Insight! Suppose it's not coincidence?

Suppose the link worked both ways, and Bad Guy kidnapped Chloe not at random but because Lana's subconscious wants to get Chloe for nabbing her backup boyfriend?

So when Chloe was rescued by Clark, Lana's subconscious got *her* kidnapped (hoping that Clark would show his abs & bellybutton while rescuing her, and can you blame her? we thought not), but then Bad Guy (who's not really as bad as he seemed) resisted Lana's mind control, and besides her subconscious was at the "when I'm dead they'll be sorry" stage, so he almost killed her before Clark & his abs & bellybutton rescued her, and then Bad Guy took his ultimate revenge by getting killed while they were mind-linked, leading Jeanny to write "Terma," yet another wonderful story from Livia X-Title Challenge, possibly the most productive challenge in fanfic history.

This bunny free to good home. Or eeevil home, whatever. You'll notice it has a higher narrativium content than the script, too.


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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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