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Present for the screening: me, the Future of Fandom (age almost 13), the Distant Future of Fandom (age 6).

1. erm, Tyler was on a lethal dose of pain killers? What pain killers? And how many people are running around with kryptonite jewelry anyway? And who's making it?

2. Someone at TPTB really likes flowers and is IMO using them well as far as symbolism goes. I couldn't help noting how the white rose Tyler gives Pepper's owner is like the white roses Lex brought for Cassandra.

3. Seasons, ha! We're in TVland! So we've got football (September to January), irises (May to early June), and ripe peppers (August-September), all at once. And it's snowing. My only consolation is that the produce fresh from the Kent farm did *not* include oranges. FoF suggests that the high levels of kryptonite in the area cause temporal distortions or vortices:

"Clark! Stop banging the interdimensional door!"

*sigh* "Yes, Mom."

4. I thought it amusing that the Touch of Death worked on vegetables after they've been picked -- now *that*'s organic. (Actually it reminds me of a Sentinel story where Blair was turned into a vampire and drank the juice of veggies, bwa-ha-ha, before he realized that blowjobs were the perfect food). But how did Tyler dress himself? Or wipe? or take a leak? -- but maybe since he was, like, dead, he didn't need any of those pesky bodily functions. The clothes thing is still an issue, seeing as how he was naked for his autopsy.

5. FoF and I cheered loudly when Martha once more proved to be playing with a full set of marbles, guessing Tyler's little problem in record time. I want to see more Lex/Martha fic (I know there's at least one -- don't worry, Martha's just fantasizing) -- smart people together always works for me.

6. During the Lana/Whitney graveyard scene, FoF yells, "So kiss already!" and when they don't (a peck on the forehead is *not* it), she says, "Jeez, they really *are* just friends." Let's talk lack of chemistry, folks. Whitney continues to have way more chemistry with Clark than with Lana -- can you spell r-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n? How come Whitney started out the season as a jerk, and now is an nteresting, repressed jerk with complex issues and a personality, while Lana (Ms. Second Billing) is still a limp noodle? I *know* Doris Egan can write women, so why isn't she doing it? arrgh. I suggested that perhaps TPTB think that the Target Demographic of young males doesn't think girls are as pretty when they have personality, but FoF pointed out that in middle school, at least, boys are swarming over girls who are both pretty and *dynamic*. Not our Lana. So the Mystery of Lana's Noodlehood remains.

7. When Jonathan tells Lex he hasn't done anything to make J not think of him as a Luthor, we boggled. What about "Jitters", forsooth? What are the writers thinking? I have a strong, cynical suspicion that we viewers are not supposed to remember "Jitters," and that the writers for this ep may well have forgotten it themselves. Jonathan & Lex's interactions in this ep make most sense in a TV-like way if Lex has never done anything remotely selfless before (at least that J knows about), and at the end Lex sees the light and stages the football game. I think the ep is supposed to be emotionally pretty self-contained, and that remembering too much about what happened earlier in the season just causes trouble as far as TPTB are concerned.

8. When Lana & Clark are watching the football game and Clark says being friends with Lex is "complicated, but worth it," and Lana gives him a tiny kiss, I immediately thought of my husband's prediction that if Clark starts showing romantic interest in Chloe, Lana will raise the level of her flirting to make sure Clark stays as her backup boyfriend.

9. Jonathan & Lex's conversation at the stadium is really very odd, in several ways. Or at least it's multi-layered. When Lex talks about how the accident on the bridge was a "miracle", Jon gets all choked up. Presumably he's thinking about finding Clark, and he's more or less bonding with Lex over how miraculously wonderful Clark is. I'm not sure, but I think this counts as HoYay from Jon, which has to be some kind of record.

The convo ends with Jon telling Lex he has to just accept miracles, not examine them. Maybe there's too much of MadScientist!Lex in me, but I kept expecting Lex to say, "But knowledge is power" - and FoF adds, "and power is cool!" But perhaps Jon wouldn't buy that. I wonder if the writers mean us to agree with Jon, or if we're supposed to wonder what kind of trouble the Kents' unexamined life of lies, secrets, and silence is going to bring, down the road.

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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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