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Smallville: Random "Stray" Musings

Those present at the screening: me, My Guy, the Future of Fandom (almost 13), the Distant Future of Fandom (age 6), and only 1 (one) remote control.

1. FoF independently came up with the Julian theory I favor: Ryan=Julian. Her evidence:

a. Ryan clearly shares Lex's ability to suffer major physical trauma -- e.g. being hit by or thrown from a car -- without anything like the kind of injury one would expect.

b. FoF already suspected that Lex was a receptive telepath.

c. They have the same favorite comic book -- not crucial evidence, but emphasizes their similarities.

d. The crucial scene is in the limo. It seems obvious to us that Lex -- alone of the SV residents -- guesses Ryan's abilities. It could just be that he's a super-duper genius, but that seems a bit of a stretch for someone who's not already thinking along those lines. To us it looks as though Lex is intentionally sending Ryan a message (by thinking clearly so it will be picked up) in the limo. Now, the message can't just be the password, it must also be about Julian. Why Julian, at a time like this? Could it be, "My brother Julian would be your age?" Or something even more detailed -- as per one of C.Roxane's Julian stories? While we're in the limo, look at the expression on Lex's face just after StepDad hits him. Oh yes, my boy has a Dark Side.

e. It's damn convenient, isn't it, that Ryan has no living parents or close relatives, and he's hanging with a couple of crooks. As might be expected if his original mother got him by other than conventional means (e.g. she was one of the kidnappers from one Julian story -- one of C.Roxane's, maybe?). Or, to continue the many classical references in the Luthor family, perhaps Lionel had someone "get rid" of Julian because he knew/suspected Julian had the taint of abnormality, and that person was Ryan's first mother.

2. When Lana is talking to Ryan in the Talon about her secrets, DFoF (age 6, remember) pauses the tape.

"I know Lana's secret."

"Really, dear?"

"Her parents are dead." (rest of family collapses with laughter). DFoF explains further, "They were killed by a meteor. Hardly anybody knows that."

3. When StepDad opens the newspaper to the pic of Lex, My Guy sighs with relief. "I thought it was about time to beat up Lex." FoF says, "They really need to get some other ideas in the plot box."

4. Watch when StepStepMom comes to the Kents', pretending to be the YFS lady. There are a couple moments when she looks *exactly* like Lana. Oooohhhhh noooooooooo!

5. My theory is that Pete and Whitney are off on a hot date.

6. We haven't seen Lex at the main house at the Kents since Jonathan gave his hate speech in Nicodemus.

7. MG says that any boy who's been raised right, no matter how emotionally clueless he is, would know he now has to ask Chloe to the prom. I do *not* think Clark is giving off a straight-guy vibe, here. It's even clearer in the loft scene where Clark is, erm, waving his sword around (instead of playing with his telescope, I guess) and he's talking to Chloe.

8. FoF hates the promo shots where Clark looks like a rent boy. We haven't introduce the term, but she says he "doesn't look nice and innocent enough," so I think perhaps she gets the message. She says, "if they don't want people to write slash, they shouldn't show those pictures along with Lex in the leather jacket," and I must say I agree.

Has anyone written a costumefic with Clex in those outfits? And am I right in thinking Clark's shirt is translucent or mesh?

9. If Ryan is not Julian, here are some possible scenarios for Julian's death:

1. Natural causes

a. SIDS. IIRC the "back to sleep" mantra for SIDS prevention started about the time Julian was born or a little after -- I don't think it was widely known yet.

b. non-obvious birth defect

i. completely random

ii. caused by prenatal kryptonite exposure. Angst buckets sold here.

2. Mom

a. post-partum depression

3. Lionel

a. due to jealousy because he wasn't really Julian's father.

b. I gather Julian died before baptism. Traditionally, unbaptized babies were sources of powerful mojo, so I immediately speculate that Lionel could have killed the baby for:
i. evil magical purposes (Harry Potter Xover)

ii. satanic purposes (Brimstone Xover)

4. Lex

a. accidentally

b. on purpose

Meanwhile, I thought of another: Mom L as Olympias & Medea. Canon is emphasizing the parallels between the Luthor family and Alex the Great's, and I naturally wonder if Mom L was like Olympias: *not* Mrs. Nice Mom. Olympias was rather like Livia (J. Caesar's wife) in her scheming on behalf of her children, but more like the mythical Medea in her rage. When Olympias was thrown over by Phillip for a younger woman (named Cleopatra, in fact), Olympias is suspected of arranging his murder. When Medea was thrown over by Jason for a younger woman, Medea killed the children she had borne him. Maybe Mom L. killed Julian because Lionel was stepping out on her, and it was the worst thing she could think of to do to him.


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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"



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