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This table only lists archives for which I have statistical information (i.e. numbers). Please, please email me if you know can give me statistical information on any archive with more than 100 stories.

The Xena-Hercules and Buffy-Angel fandoms are "cat-herding," with no real attempt at central archives: the ones listed are just the largest I've found so far. I'm also especially interested in archives from the major manga, anime, and music fandoms.

I've written about this data in a paper,

. These numbers are from the fall of 2000; more recent information is linked to my fanfiction statistics page.

fandom archive contents stories fandoms authors as of established notes
various multiple fanfiction.net all, but mostly gen 63,454 334 16,545 09/23/2000 fandom number not recently updated
Complete Kingdom of Slash slash 1810 165   09/12/2000    
Wonderful World of Make Believe all   180        
Rest Is Silence all 131 23 16 09/25/2000   some overlap w/other archives
X-Files X-Files Gossamer all, but mostly het or gen 40,000       1997 (?) story number is lower-bound estimate; I am eager for better figures
Down in the Basement slash 466   128 08/01/2000 Oct-99 successor to Archive/X
Archive/X slash (old) 1000     Oct-99 Jul-98 story number is estimate
Star Trek Star Trek ASC* archive all 3573 4   05/31/2000   total does not include TNG; stories after Dec 99 not yet archived
Sentinel Sentinel 852 Prospect adult 3086     09/20/2000   several prolific authors recently pulled their stories
Guide Posts gen 2835     09/23/2000    
due South Due South Hexwood (now defunct, most stories moved to Exwood) all 3115 (1504 slash)     09/21/2000    
Highlander Highlander Seventh Dimension all 2320     09/21/2000    
Star Wars Star Wars: Phantom Menace Master&Apprentice slash 2111     09/20/2000 05/21/1999  
Qui-Gonline all 290   95 10/01/2000   PG-13 or under
QJEB mostly het 401   114 10/01/2000   some overlap with M/A
OKEB mostly het 300   88 10/01/2000    
Temple Library mostly het 359   70 10/01/2000    
Stargate Stargate SG-1 Heliopolis gen 2121     09/17/2000    
Buffy Buffy tVS / Angel Slayer's gen 2667   1060 08/01/2000    
UnConventional RelationShippers slash&het 2450          
Xenaverse Xena / Hercules Bard's Corner all     273 09/01/2000 12/20/1996  
Joxerotica slash&het 425     09/01/2000 06/01/1998 Joxer-centric
KSA slash     110 10/01/2000 Ares-centric
comics multiple comic book Superstories interactive 623   83 09/16/2000    
Professionals The Professionals Circuit slash 503     08/27/2000   Includes many pre-Internet stories
Oz Oz Em City mostly slash 290     09/27/2000    

Total: 134,147 stories


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"

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updated November 6, 2002

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