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Why "Doctor Science, MA"?

Well, I guess it's a case of the Zen of Humor:

"The joke that must be explained is not the true joke."


It's a joke, see? And here's the explanation:

Once upon a time, I went to graduate school in Biology, thinking that I would get a PhD. I came to my senses after a couple years, wrote a Master's Thesis, and bailed. Because my thesis was not terribly long and it was highly mathematical -- on the concept of effective population size in population genetics theory -- my advisor and I agreed that I would get a Master of Arts degree, not a Master of Science.

When I started hanging out on ASCEM (alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated) the denizens quickly noticed that my mind is a midden of all kinds of scientific information, theories, history, and factoids. Some people started calling me "Doctor Curtin," but that seemed wrong when I have no doctor-type parchment. But my husband has long called me Doctor Science: "Dr. Science: he knows more than you do. He has a Master's Degree... in Science!" So I became "Doctor Science, with a Master's Degree . . . in Art!"

Don't all hurt yourselves laughing.

by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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updated November 6, 2002

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