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At first I just looked at how many items (stories or poems) fanfiction.net had archive in each fandom, then I realized that how many items had been added since the last time I checked is a better measure of the relative popularity of various fandoms. Results are in the table below.

As you can see, Japan's Gross National Cool is indeed extremely high. I bet that most (non-Japanese) people over 25 won't recognize a third or more of the fandoms listed below, even some of the most popular ones.

FFN's major reorganization of September, 2002, had two big consequences: music fandoms were deleted, and they were some of the fastest-growing categories; and deleting the NC-17 material reduced the growth of fandoms with more adult (or at least sexual) appeal: LotR, Buffy, and Gundam Wing (GW is a Japanese series with a larger-than-usual number of potential slash pairings). FFN still carries slash, but many of the slashers (who tend to be a bit older than the FFN average) left when the NC-17 material did.

see the numbers: largest categories, fastest-growing categories

I have some questions about data presentation:

  1. should I state growth as "items per month"?

  2. I have heaps of raw, steaming data. Should I put my complete Excel files up for people to fiddle with, or should I make web pages? What would people want to see? Biggest categories? Fastest-growing categories? Complete lists, sorted -- alphabetically, by total number, by growth? Let me know!

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by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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