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Public Offering: [44 K] Kirk/Seven of Nine, NC-17. James T. Kirk and his famed problem-solving ability are pressed into service to help Voyager get home.

Terminus: [285 K] K/S, NC-17. The end of the five-year mission is coming up, so Kirk and Spock have some decisions to make about their careers and life together. This version is slightly changed from the one Judith published in 1982, in her multimedia fanzine Organia.

Some people may have trouble downloading such a big file in one go, so here are two smaller files:

part 1, 134K
part 2, 151K

The Captain's Log: K/S, NC-17, silly. Captain Kirk and Mister Spock need to compare logs after a difficult mission.

This story has been translated into Japanese here.

Handyman: K/S, NC-17, power tools. Inspired by a post by Auntie Ruth on Sex Aids You Can Buy at Home Depot. Here is a picture of The Tool.

The Body's Treason: K/S, R. Kirk and Spock are forced to separate because of Spock's impending pon farr. An earlier version was published by Tiberius Press in 1983, in the fanzine Matter/Antimatter.

This Dialogue of One: K/S, R. After he is forced to leave Kirk because of the risk posed by pon farr, Spock tries to make his marriage to a Vulcan woman succeed. A companion story to "The Body's Treason"; also previously appeared in Matter/Antimatter.


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