"It is the Vulcan way . . . "

Though he had the choice of reading the text screen or playing the video clip, Kirk found it was more than he could bear to listen to Spock's voice, to see the tears coursing down his cheeks even as he spoke his last, logical words in the clipped tones of Vulcan. He couldn't bring himself to delete the video, but he never played it.


I have only a short moment before the security teams find me.

I have violated a fellow officer. Such violation of another's mind is against all that Vulcan stands for. It is therefore appropriate that I be punished.

I have failed to live life as a Vulcan. It therefore is better I not live at all. I have caused enough pain already for you and others. I was dead once--I should have stayed dead. That would have been logical.

Please tell McCoy--I apologize. It is not enough, not at all enough. I hope he will understand. You were right to choose him. I am not worthy.

Live long and prosper. Without me you can do both. With me you could do neither.


He'd never told anyone Spock had included the vid on the padd, and he certainly never showed anyone the last words Spock wrote to him. Practically in blood, McCoy's or Kirk's or Spock's, who could say.

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