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Star Trek Zine Fans: 1967-1971

As part of a paper on the early history of Star Trek fanfiction, I have tried to estimate the sex ratio among the first wave of Star Trek fanzine publishers and writers. I looked at every fan name mentioned in the 1967-1971 section of Joan Marie Verba's book Boldly Writing and categorized that name as clearly (or known to me as) male, clearly female, or unclear.

I am posting this list on the Web so it can be double-checked by fans with first-hand knowledge. In addition to the problem of people with non-gender-specific names, I may have put women in the "male" column or men in the "female" column; it is also possible that some people are in more than once under different names.

For comparison purposes, see my list of SF Zine Publishers of the 1960s. The SF list is about 17% female; the Trek list is about 83% female. Interesting, no?

Please send any corrections or comments to Mary Ellen Curtin.

female male unk
Anna Hreha Al Schuster L. E. Wallace
Anna Mary Hall Alan Asherman Lee Burwasser
Astrid Anderson Bob Vardeman Lee Smoire
Barbara Marczak Gary Mason V. Linea
Barbara Wenk John Trimble  
Bjo Trimble Mike Sobota  
Carol Cross Tim Courtney  
Carol Pruitt Willard F. Hunt  
Cecily Horton    
Charlene Ott    
Connie Faddis    
D. Carol Roberts    
Danielle Dabbs    
Deborah Langsam    
Dee L. Mauser    
Devra Langsam    
Doris Beeteem    
Dorothy Jones    
Eleanor Arnason    
Elyse Pines    
Gail Barton    
Gugi Jamal    
Jacqueline Lichtenberg    
Jane Peyton    
Jean Lorrah    
Joyce Yasner    
Juanita Coulson    
Judith Brownlee    
Judy Burns    
Judy Segal    
Kathy Surgenor    
Kay Anderson    
Laura Basta    
Lelamarie Kreidler    
Liz Danforth    
Lois McMaster    
Louise Stange    
Madeline Dale    
Margaret Basta    
Mary Lou Barnes    
Maureen Burns    
Michelle Malkin    
Myrna Culbraith    
Nan Braude    
Pam Tacoma    
Pat Zotti    
Peggy Barilla    
Ruth Berman    
Sherna Comerford    
Shirley Maiewsky    
Shirley Meech    
Susan C. Passe    
Susan Hereford    
Susan Wolfe    


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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updated November 16, 2002

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