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I belong to a shocking number of mailing lists, but these are the public ones I read or post to most often these days. I do not have a blog, diary, or livejournal, nor do I have time or the neurons for one right now, so don't ask.

Star Trek:

ASCEM: the mailing-list version of the alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated Usenet group. My native fandom and group online, the place I think of as home. I am the Coordinator (=Figurehead) for the Golden Orgasms, the annual ASCEM Awards.


CriticalEdge: laura jacquez and I are co-admins. No stories, variable bandwidth of tomfoolery, serious lit-crit, whining, and historical discussion.

HLAllFic: only stories, no discussion.

OnlyDuncanMethos: probably the most active HL list right now, with a number of fine writers and a very congenial atmosphere.


ClarkLex: huge, high-traffic, rampant discussion-only list. Stories get posted to ClarkLexFic.

levelthree: stories-only, no limitation on pairing.

LexSlash: somewhat lower traffic than ClarkLex, but less strict about not going Off-Topic so the atmosphere is more relaxed. More art & image posts.


amla: the Aestheticism Mailing List, for fans of Japanese manga and anime, mostly with m/m themes. Discussion-only, with frequent fascinating debate comparing & contrasting yaoi and slash. Flame wars are exceptionally rare.

fca-l: the Fanfiction Critics Association list and Fanfiction Symposium discussion group. Wide-ranging, with occasional Free and Frank Exchanges of Views.


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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updated November 6, 2002

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