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As part of a paper on the early history of Star Trek fanfiction, I have tried to estimate the sex ratio among sf fanzine publishers in the 1960s. I looked at Temple University Library's list of its fanzine holdings. For every zine in this collection published in the 1960s for which a publisher or editor's name was given, I categorized that name as clearly (or known to me as) male, clearly female, or unclear. Each name was only counted once, regardless of how many different zines that person had published. When a zine had more than one publisher, each name was tabulated separately.

I am posting this list on the Web so it can be double-checked by fans with first-hand knowledge. In addition to the problem of people with non-gender-specific names, I may have put women in the "male" column or men in the "female" column; it is also possible that some people are in more than once under different names.

For comparison purposes, see my list of Star Trek Zine Fans: 1967-71. The SF list is about 17% female; the Trek list is about 83% female. Interesting, no?

Please send any corrections or comments to Mary Ellen Curtin.

male female unk
Al Fick Alma Hill Gene Turnbull
Al HaLevy Anie Linard L.D. Kafka
Al Scott Ann F. Dietz E. Mitchen Cox
Alan Casper Anne Ash O.E. Calle
Alan J. Lewis Bee Bowman W.D. Bogert
Alva Rogers Belle C. Dietz  
Andrew Porter Beryl Mercer  
Andy Main Bjo Trimble  
Anthony Lewis Cindy Heap  
Archie Mercer Cory Seidman  
Arnie Katz Daphne Buckmaster  
Art Hayes Dian Girand  
Art Rapp Dian Pelz  
Arts Wells Elinor Busby  
Ben Solon Ella Parker  
Bernie Morris Ethel Lindsay  
Bill Blackbeard Felice Rolfe  
Bill Bowers G.M. Carr  
Bill Bruce Georgina Clark  
Bill Danner Helen V. Wesson  
Bill Donaho Janet Megson  
Bill Evans Janie Lamb  
Bill Kunkel Joan White  
Bill Malardi Joanne Burger  
Bill Morse Joni Rapkin  
Billy H. Pettit Juanita Coulson  
Bob Lichtman Karen Anderson  
Bob Pavlat Lee Hoffman  
Bob Silverburg Lesleigh Couch  
Bob Toomey Lesleigh Lutrell  
Bob Tucker Leslie A. Croutch  
Boyd Raeburn Linda Bushyager  
Bruce A. Fredstrom Marguerite (?=Rita) Coriell  
Bruce Gillespie Marian Zimmer Bradley  
Bruce Pelz Marsha Brown  
Bruce Robbins Michelle Malkin  
Calvin W. Dammon Miriam Carr  
Charles Brown Nancy Kemp  
Charles F. Hansen Nancy Rapp  
Charles N. Reinsel Noreen Shaw  
Charles Wells Peggy Rae McKnight  
Charlie Brown Perri Corrick  
Chris Couch Phyllis Aitch Economou  
Chuck Turnbull Ruth Berman  
Colin Freeman Sally Dunn  
Creath Thorne Sheila Brown  
Curtis D. Janke Williamette Keffer  
Dan McPhail    
Dave Hale    
Dave Hulan    
Dave Locke    
Dave Van Arnam    
David C. Piper    
David Charles Paskow    
David Ettlin    
David Kirk Patrick    
David Rike    
David T. Keil    
David T. Malone    
Dean A. Grenell    
Dennis Cunningham    
Dick Eney    
Dick Ryan    
Don Fitch    
Don Allen    
Don Blyly    
Donald D. Markstein    
Donald Franson    
Donald L. Miller    
Doug Lovenstein    
Doug Smith    
Duncan McFarland    
E.E. Evers    
Earl Kemp    
Ed Cox    
Ed Martin    
Ed Meskys    
Edward R. Smith    
Edward V. Dong    
Edwin W. Meyer    
Eric Bentcliffe    
F.M. Busby    
Frank C. Johnson    
Frank Denton    
Frank Lunney    
Frank R. Prieto, Jr.,    
Franklin M. Dietz, Jr.    
Fred Lerner    
Fred Patten    
Frederick Hunter    
Gary Grady    
Gary H. Labowitz    
George C. Willick    
George L. Charters    
George Locke    
George R. Heap    
Glenn Lord    
Gordon Ekland    
Gordon Miller    
Greg Shaw    
Gregg Calkins    
Gregg Wolford    
Hank Lutrell    
Harry Nadler    
Harry Warner, Jr    
Henry Stine    
Howard Lyons    
Ira Riddle    
Jack C. Haldeman, II    
Jack Harness    
Jack L. Chalker    
Jack Smith    
Jack Speer    
James Ashe    
James V. Taurasi    
Jean Linard    
Jeff Wanshel    
Jerry Knight    
Jerry Page    
Jerry William Lapidus    
Jim Caughran    
Jim Keith    
Jim Schumacher    
Jim Warren    
Jim Young    
Joe Gibson    
Joe Pilati    
Joe Staton    
John Bangsund    
John Baston    
John Berry    
John C. Champion    
John Godwin    
John Guidry    
John Koning    
John Kusske    
John Trimble    
Johnny Chambers    
Joseph Baker    
Julius Unger    
Ken Beale    
Kennith C. Free    
Kevin Langdon    
Larry Shaw    
Larry Williams    
Lee Riddle    
Len Bailes    
Len Moffatt    
Les Nirenberg    
Louis Russell Chauvenet    
Lynn A. Hickman    
Mal Ashworth    
Mark Bouge    
Mark Irwin    
Martin Carlson    
Mel Ashworth    
Michael Feron    
Michael Ward    
Mike Bradley    
Mike Domina    
Nathan Bucklin    
Norm Clarke    
Norm Metcalf    
Norman Masters    
Paul C. Allen    
Paul Gilster    
Paul Shingleton, Jr    
Pete Campbell    
Peter Ogden    
Peter R. Weston    
Phil Castora    
Phil Kohn    
Phillip A. Harrell    
Pierre Versins    
Randy Williams    
Ray Schaffer    
Raymond D. Fisher    
Redd Boggs    
Richard Bergeron    
Richard Bergman    
Richard Brown    
Richard E. Geis    
Richard Labonte    
Richard Mann    
Richie Benyo    
Rick Sneary    
Robbie Gibson    
Robert Coulson    
Robert Franson    
Robert J. Shea    
Rolf C. Gindorf    
Ron Bennett    
Ron Bushyager    
Ron Ellick    
Ron Hicks    
Ron Parker    
Ron Smith    
Ron Wilson    
Roy Tackett    
Rusty Hevelin    
Seth A. Johnson    
Stan Woolston    
Ted E. White    
Ted Johnstone    
Terry Carr    
Theodore R. Cogswell    
Thomas Perry    
Thomas Schluck    
Tom Dupree    
Tom Gilbert    
Tom Reamy    
Victor Emanuel [pseud]    
W. Paul Ganley    
Wallace Wood    
Wally Weber    
Walt Willis    
Walter Breen    
William Rotsler    
Wrai Webster Ballard    


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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